Online Find: Green words defined, dictionary of sustainable management

Online Find:  Green words defined

Want help greening your office?

A recent Google search on “greening your office” gave me over 10,500 results. One website that caught my eye is the dictionary of sustainable management.

As I write this, I’m thinking of my action items list for Monday. So, with Monday on my mind, I checked out the letter M.  Within a second, found a term that nudged my curiosity:  Monstrous Hybrid. …. A material that combines both technical and organic nutrients (such a s recyclable paper and poly-vinyl-chloride) in a way that cannot be easily separated ….. Most monstrous hybrids can only be thrown out and contribute to the waste stream and cannot be reused.

Visit the dictionary for the complete definition of this term, as well as Industrial Nutrient, and a complete list of words from A through Z.  What’s more, if you would like to submit a new term for consideration, click on the Contact Us link.


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