A call for Geeks and Gurus:  The Wisdom2.0 conference takes place April 30-May 2, Silicon Valley, California.

Is it possible to use online and mobile technologies with mindfulness, meaning, and wisdom? Soren Gordhamer thinks it is. What’s more, he’s hosting a three-day event dedicated to this topic.

At this conference, technologists will mingle with Zen practitioners, yoga teachers, life coaches, nonprofits, and neuroscientists. Attendees can participate in several discussions and speaker presentations.  Based on the preliminary schedule, here are a few titles:

Managing the Stream: Living Consciously and Effectively in a Connected World, presented by panelists from Google, Twitter, Upaya Zen Center, and Facebook.

Mindfulness and the Brain, presented by neuroscientist Philippe Goldin, PhD.

Post-Modern Practice: Awareness and Wisdom in the Age of Technology, presented by a panelists from Facebook, Google, Sounds True, and Yoga Journal.

Producing Attention, Consuming Awareness, presented by Twitter’s Greg Pass.

Wisdom Teachings in the Internet Age, presented by panelists from Sounds True, Huffington Post, Intent.com, SpiritualityAndPractice.com, and The Mindful Child.

Lessons in Social Media, presented by Whole Foods.

Technology for Good.

For more information on the Wisdom2.0 conference visit wisdom2summit.com where you’ll find the complete schedule, speaker and sponsor bios, and links to the conference pages on Twitter and Facebook.

To hear an interview with author and conference host Soren Gordhamer, visit the podcast archives page at Sounds True, Insights at the Edge.

Reprinted from WebAndOfficeWorks.com


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