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Driving the social web and advancing the social good:

May 16, 2010

This website explores the use of technology as a means improve lives.

Socialbrite hosts a directory of over 100 nonprofits and public benefit groups who use media to further their causes. A casual sampling includes All for Good, a search engine that allows users to find volunteer options in the geographical region of their choice; BetterWorldBooks, a group that raises money for literacy initiatives by collecting and selling books online; eduFire, an online classroom connecting students and instructors worldwide; and Zerofootprint, a group that helps companies and individuals reduce their carbon footprint through webinars and interactive educational tools.

Founded by J.D. Lasica, the site’s mission is to “… drive the social Web and advance the social good.” The Videos and Tutorials page shows viewers how to best use Web 2.0 technologies including Twitter, Facebook, mobile devices, blogs, and more. A recent story on Socialbrite looks into iPad’s potential for nonprofits.



The WebAndOffice group takes a break to watch a cyber performance

May 2, 2010

“A choir as big as the Internet”

We want to share this experience with you. Eric Whitacre conducts “Lux Aurumque”, a virtual choir of 185 voices from 12 countries. Watch it on

Learn how Whitacre did it on his blog. While there, learn how you can participate in his next project.

Whitacre hopes this is just the beginning. “My ultimate goal” he says, “is to write an original piece for the Virtual Choir and have it receive its world premiere in cyber-space, hundreds (maybe thousands) of people singing alone, together.”