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To get more sales, get out of your head

July 8, 2014

This article was excerpted from U.S.1, July 2, 2014. Information about events that have already passed has been deleted.

So, you have created a new product or service. You figure it’s time to tell the world how great your creation is. Not so, says marketing consultant Michael Barry. It’s time to get out of your head and instead to think about your potential customers. Do you know what they really want, and do you know how to choose and integrate your options for reaching them?

Barry offers a holistic marketing approach that combines both traditional marketing with digital and online platforms. Barry works with his clients to find the balance that works best for them and their customers. For one person, the focus might be on the company website, Twitter updates, and print advertising with a few other platforms. For another person, it might be the Pinterest website, direct mail, and a few other platforms. For another person, the mix could be different again.

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