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No easy answers but a few helpful questions

January 1, 2015

While catching up on some reading over the holidays, I came across some posts that have at least two things in common for me: Unanswered questions can inspire us to move forward. And — to borrow a thought from writer and speaker Seth Godin — saying “no” can be the foundation that supports our “yes.”

No New Year’s resolutions for this columnist
I’m going to pass on making New Year’s resolutions this time around. Instead, I’ll take Rilke’s famous advice about “living the questions,” and carry into the New Year a few of the wonderings Hillman’s poem evokes in me:
• How can I let go of my need for fixed answers in favor of aliveness?
• What is my next challenge in daring to be human?
• How can I open myself to the beauty of nature and human nature?
• Who or what do I need to learn to love next? And next? And next?
• What is the new creation that wants to be born in and through me?
        Parker J. Palmer: Five Questions for Crossing the Threshold. Read more

There is no arriving when it comes to writing
In writing, there is no arriving. There’s always the drive to write a better article, blog post, poem, or novel, next time.
Not to get all heavy, but as the Kabbalists say, we never kill time here on Earth. It’s the other way around: Time kills us. And we never know when that’ll happen. The turning of the year brings this unavoidable fact to the front of my mind.
        So, knowing that your time is limited, what sights do you want to see on your journey? Where do you want to be sure to go? These are the questions I’m asking myself as I contemplate my plans for next year. ….
        Carol Tice: Why Your Writing Journey Matters. Read more

There is no WAY to succeed at writing …. but there are many ways. …
Nobody can tell you how to succeed at writing (even if they write a book called “How To Succeed At Writing”) because there is no WAY; there are, instead, many ways. Everyone I know who managed to become a writer did it differently – sometimes radically differently. Try all the ways, I guess.
        Becoming a published writer is sort of like trying to find a cheap apartment in New York City: it’s impossible. And yet…every single day, somebody manages to find a cheap apartment in New York City. I can’t tell you how to do it. I’m still not even entirely sure how I did it. I can only tell you – through my own example – that it can be done. I once found a cheap apartment in Manhattan. And I also became a writer. …..
        Elizabeth Gilbert: Thoughts on Writing. Read more