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The Journey of the Universe

September 10, 2012

You’re invited to take a journey, “departing” from the Johnson Education Center, Princeton, NJ. October 25. A reception begins at 6:30 and the lecture, presented by Mary Evelyn Tucker, is slated for 7:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

D&R Greenway describes this lecture as a tapestry that draws together scientific discoveries in astronomy, geology, biology, ecology, and biodiversity with humanistic insights. From the Big Bang to the epic impact humans have on the planet today, this is the chance to ask one of the world’s foremost thinkers your most profound questions about the nature of the universe.

Mary Evelyn Tucker is a Professor of World Religions and Ecology at Yale University and is currently serving as a visiting professor at Princeton University. She is co-author of the book and film, Journey of the Universe, which has been shown on PBS.

This event is sponsored by D&R Greenway Land Trust and the Princeton Environmental Institute.

D&R (Delaware and Raritan) Greenway Land Trust is nonprofit land preservation organization protecting open space in New Jersey by preserving watershed lands and large-scale landscapes.

The Princeton Environmental Institute is an interdisciplinary center of environmental research, education, and outreach at Princeton University.

Although the event is free, registration is suggested to insure your spot. Call 609-924-4646.
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Websites with a Green Mission

March 7, 2010

If you are looking for websites providing environmental news, research, and viewpoints, you can find thousands of them by doing an online search.

Many web sites use interactive tools and social media that allow visitors to participate in learning activities.

At the No Impact Project, visitors are challenged to take a “one week carbon cleanse.” If you sign up, you’ll join a group of people for a seven-day experiment. Each day focuses on a particular topic and actions you will take to reduce your carbon footprint. For example, one day focuses on not buy anything except absolute necessities, another day focuses on not creating trash, etc. At the end of each day, you post a blog or video log and share it with friends and communities.

The website’s mission, as the No Impact Man and website founder Colin Beavan puts it, is to show viewers how each of us can “make a better place to live for ourselves and everyone else ….” If you want to learn more about the challenge, visit No Impact Project.

Visit the Repower America Wall to watch video clips made by individuals and to add your own video. When you visit the site, you’ll see a wall of photos. As you scroll over each photo it enlarges and, in most cases, includes a camera icon that you use to view the video clip.

If you want to see a message from a particular person, use the Search icon at the bottom of the screen. You’ll have several options. You can search by a person’s name, by most recent or most popular posts. The search box also includes an interactive US map where you can view participants from the state of your choice.

To submit your own video or comments, click on the Add Your Voice arrow.

Visit Repower America Wall.

To learn about other interactive green websites, read the complete article at